Writing a poem is more complex than it seems

I have been writing since I was little and by now I have gathered many pieces of literature, poetry, novelettes and so on. Someone advised me to go online and register on one of those sites where poets share their opinions. I have also found something very interesting, April is the month of poetry. The focus behind this month is to promote poetry and young poets that aren`t as brave as our legends.
Writing a poem is more complex than it seems. While in a novel you just have to tell a sequence of adventures, in a poem you have to mix love and hate, language and words, you have to create something that rimes and expresses emotions. Why should you write, not only poems, but also novels, stories and so on? Because you will find it relaxing and you will get the chance to explore you creative side, the one that has been hiding all this time. While you write, you can create your own style or if you feel more comfortable you can adapt to one of the existing styles. Publish your works where you get the chance, online, in a newspaper, a magazine and so on.
Look at poetry as a way of screaming on top of your lungs, express your every emotion, combine anger with love etc. After writing more poems, put them together in a book, name the book and do whatever you can to publish it. Your poems can vary, diversity is what people like, they can have different lengths, styles or rhymes. Start by reading your poems to your family and after that expand your group of readers or listeners. Poetry can lead to into a world of fantasy where the limit is your imagination. If you want to be a good poet, learn from other poets, read more, enlarge your vocabulary, explore your feelings and set everything inside of you free.
Start small with short poems and grow up into a great person who can call himself an artist. Don`t judge, but appreciate the work of others and they will also offer you their support.
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