The template that suits your planned theme for the website!
One of the things that makes it worthwhile to design and develop websites using the Joomla CMS is the endless supply of high quality Joomla templates (free, commercial and even custom-made) that are available to you to both use and edit based on your needs. You can then use these to make your site look and feel as special, fresh and interactive as you want it without needlessly spending money in the process.
Customize your Joomla site template with your own design! Yeah, you can modify your site pattern easily and drawing it looks like what you want. As you know, once you join this CMS web application, you are able to choose the default templates which match to your site's content. But the default model will make your site design similar like other site's design. Sure, you want to be different than other, right?
That's why you need to customize the default template. Before you adjust it, you must know how Joomla template system works. Find the template system by entering the Administrator panel and click Extensions menu and choose Template Manager. In this section, you'll see that Joomla comes with two patterns. If you select Default button, it means that you use the original style, but if you click Default and Assign buttons, you'll be able to modify your own site design.
In creating new sites design, you need duplicate one of the original styles and put it on the list. Make sure that the new model change based on the original. Then, you can customize the new one.
The easier, simpler and more preferable way to install your new template is to login to the admin area (backend) of your Joomla website (the /administrator directory, from where you manage all aspects of your site) and upload it from there. You can do this by opening the 'Extensions' tab and clicking on the 'Upload and Install' link after selecting the template from your computer. It should be uploaded and installed in a minute (usually in a few seconds after you click on the upload link). And, that's it! You have just uploaded and installed a new Joomla directory template on your website. The next thing you may want to learn maybe be how to modify the template to suit your planned theme for the website!
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