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If you are a busy person, or just one that doesn`t pay much attention to what goes on around her, you are in the right place. MiNeeds is the perfect spot for you. It is basically a freelancer website where you can post your needs and qualified people to do the job will offer you their help. You can communicate with them using the messages, you can negotiate or you can wait until the bidding time is over and select one candidate. You can invite your friends to use this online service and you should leave some comments and a review after the job is done. It will be your way of rewarding the people who did something for you.
How do you actually post? Well, for that you will have to be a member of our tem, you will need to sign up and only after that you will be able to post a need. Let me tell you that you will sing up for free. You can look at this site as you look at facebook only that this one is more suitable for grown ups. This is a great place to meet new people that have something in common with you. It is a great opportunity to expand your circle of friends and have a lot of fun. It doesn`t matter what you need, we are here to help you with professional services from wedding services to home services, from photographers to graphic designers and also people who will do the cleaning for you.
You are new in town and you need a massage .therapist, what do you do? You go online and try to find the suitable person for you. Yes, but how? You will define your criteria, and only the people who have those skills will post their bids. You can also be needing advice. Prepare to be amazed, our community is very large and welcoming, they will help you with your spirit while some others will help you with the actual work.
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