Do you want to develop your yoga practice?
Coaching is the psychological equivalent of yoga. It`s a process that strengthens and stretches your mind and capabilities to allow you to create the life you truly want to live. Within all of us is a deep knowledge of our true hearts desires but it can be deeply buried under years of social pressures and limiting beliefs. Coaching helps you to become flexible and courageous in your thinking: to find your passion and live it, to lose that weight, to regain an energetic and vital body and enjoy exercising flexibility of mind in the way that yogi`s do with their bodies to live the life you deserve.
So, Coaching is Mental Yoga: a practice that build mental flexibility, resilience, strength and confidence. Just like coaches in general Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world but he still has a coach. Roger Federer is pretty handy with a tennis racquet but he gets coached daily. Why is that? Because a coach is a professional who can see things objectively, identify your blind spots and what`s been holding you back and help you to be the best you can be. Your coach ensures you follow through and keeps you committed as you achieve your goals and aspirations. Your coach is completely committed to your success and I am to yours. I would love to help you make the life and the changes you want.
Keep thinking you will practice yoga at home on your own but never really find the time or the motivation?
If you want to develop your yoga practice at the intermediate level then you are in the right place! With five intermediate classes a week this is your perfect opportunity to enjoy and progress your yoga practice in a local, friendly, and supportive environment.
Nine weeks tuition, AND a free brand new yoga mat to take away. It`s the best value Auckland yoga.
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