Camp Kitchen

Selling delicious foods out of a mobile kitchen trailer is a fun way for schools and other organizations to raise money .Nothing is more important in the concessions business than starting out with the right trailer. You want a trailer that is large enough to accommodate a steady flow of customers (which usually means at least three employees working at a time). Those not in the concession business many not know things like how many fryers it takes to efficiently sell fried foods (three). Every surface of our mobile kitchens has been carefully chosen to meet or exceed health code specifications.
Kitchen carts really excel in the great outdoors. While some homes have their main deck right next to the kitchen, others may be off the great room or living room on the other side of the house. If you love to barbecue, it can be a real chore getting all your ingredients and cookware from point A to point B. Usually, it requires multiple trips and you inevitably forget something and have to trudge back to the kitchen to get it.
Work Caravans Australia`s Site Kitchen range are designed & engineered to meet any work camp site requirement you may have. Our Site Kitchens are available in a variety of layout configurations and sizes, from kitchen only through to kitchen and dining combinations. Our Site Kitchen range is built to the highest quality and standards using heavy duty construction to cope with the most challenging and remote of environments. Work Caravans construction provides a cost-effective solution for your Site Kitchen requirements.
You`re sure to find the Site Kitchen to meet your needs.If you want an easy to clean surface, you may want to go with all stainless steel or at least have the top stainless. This not only has the benefit of being a bit more sanitary than a wood top, but it won't stain either. If you love to cook red meats, you'll come to appreciate that fact very quickly.
Work Caravans are the industry leader in providing Site Kitchen, kitchen trailer, mobile kitchen and Camp Kitchen. Work Caravans construction method provides a cost-effective solution for your mobile catering requirements.
You can select from a wide range of kitchen trailer sizes and designs to suit any budget. Work Caravans design enables relocation of your chosen mobile catering caravan at just a fraction of the cost of traditional portable structures.
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