Independent advertising agency
 An advertising activity is mandatory for any brand prior to its launch or even after its launch in the market. Many brands offer similar benefits or features, so it is mandatory for advertisers to provide promotion solution for their brands so that they are eligible to take part in any sort of competition that prevails in the market. Advertisers have the liberty to choose relevant or effective media (s) available for them. The end objective of the brand promotion campaign is to provide sales for the product so it really doesn't matter which promotion media the advertiser uses. It is not surprising that only a few small and medium businesses choose outdoor or billboard advertising to sell their products and services. This is because of the misconception that outdoor advertising costs are beyond their budget, and they are not fully convinced of its benefits. Outdoor advertising can capture the attention effectively, minus the nuisance, because it sits there quietly without being intrusive to other tasks unlike online banners or pop-ups and TV ads, which can become annoying. One important aspect of outdoor advertising is the number of times that people get to see the advertisement which can be once or twice daily or at least once a week which is more than enough to effectively translate to brand awareness and name recall especially when the design is eye catching. Any advertising agency, be it an outdoor advertising agency or home based ad agency works in a hierarchy. The creative director heads the creative team of any advertising company. Through the instructions and suggestions of the creative head, the brand communication is framed by the creative team. Visualizes and conceptualizes come up with the concept of how the brand communication will be like and copywriters further put into words or copy the theme or message of the ads. There are again designers who take care of any associated design related with the promotion campaign. Every professional has his or her own role to plan and handle a brand promotion campaign. The hierarchy of work in an advertising agency Australia continues in that manner.
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