Goa is known internationally as a popular tourist destination

Attracting over 2 million visitors every year to Goa is hardly difficult for the stunning area.
When you think of travelling to Goa you think of stunning white sand, sparking and clear waters and swaying palm trees. These balmy shores have been attracting people to Goa since forever ago. This tiny slice of Indian glory is just not to be missed.
Previously a Portuguese outpost in India for almost 500 years means that Goa is influenced by a stunning colonial rule that is visible through the architecture, cuisine and culture of the area. In fact there is nowhere else in India where you can find the genuine laid back feeling of smooth serenity. Be sure to check out the other tourist attractions however like the spice plantations, the great rivers with stunning bird song and the centuries old cathedrals during your tour to Goa.
Goa is home to an Equatorial forest cover which is mostly owned by the government. Most of the forested areas of Goa are located in the interior eastern regions. The Western Ghats which run along the eastern side of Goa are internationally recognized as a biodiversity hotspot. Goa Boasts some stunning Wildlife sanctuaries which have over 1512 documented species of plant, over 275 species of birds more than 48 types of animals and as many if not more than 60 different reptiles.
Goa is known internationally as a popular tourist destination due to its sparkling waters and white sandy beaches. One of the issues however is the impact that so many people have on the environment. While Goa is not as bad pollution wise as much of India there is still the danger of it becoming so. It is asked that tourists and visitors try hard to be environmentally friendly while in the region.
Goa has many prominent local festivals Chavoth, Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Shigmo, Padvo and such are just some of the Festivals that represent some of the local religions in Goa. The Goan Carnival is also known to attract very large numbers of people. Hindu people in the Goan area are known to enjoy Natak, Bhajan, and Kirtan and many famous Indian Classical singers come from Goa. Other than music and dance, theatre is another outlet for cultural Goans. Along with Natak, Tiatr and Zagor are the chief forms of traditional performing arts in Goa. Much of the theatre performances in Goa are stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. But they also delve into modern social subjects which are narrated with song and dance.
Goa is the perfect tour destination for you. Read more about Goa tourism on our website.
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