Repair your Playbook at small prices !
 The BlackBerry Playbook is due to be launched into the expanding tablet market later on this year. Tablets are seen as the future many believing they will eventually surpass conventional laptops and desktop computers as the standard format for home and business use. Currently the iPad dominates the market but the newer tablets are generating a certain excitement. The Playbook is all the rage now in the tech community, with millions of units having been ordered in the last few months. And that means that inevitably some of these tablet computers will suffer from accidental damages and breakages. So are there options for Playbook Repair Canada, or does it mean that you have to just purchase a new on to replace the one you broke? The first option that comes to your mind might be the brand store. This store is an expensive option as the technicians there would opt for a replacement rather than a repair, and you would end up paying for that. There are some stores which even try to make you buy a new model of Playbook instead of repairing the old one. The spares that brand store provides are also priced very high. In case your Playbook is not under warranty, the bill amount for the repair could cost you a lot as the replacements at the bramd are incredibly overpriced. The BlackBerry Playbook has distinguished itself from other tablets and it seems to have a lot of bases covered. BlackBerry phones are still popular but with the introduction of the I-phone they lost a significant share in the market. It would be interesting to see if BlackBerry could turn the tables on Apple perhaps taking a sizeable chunk of the I-pad market. But with the I-pad 2 around the corner along with other big companies launching tablets, its safe to say the battle will be a long. The intention to stay has been made crystal clear, RIM announcing the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook 4G later this year.
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