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 Goa is a tiny territory of 3500sq kilometer.. Goa is known for its long stretched golden beaches, swaying coconut palms, and delicious seafood. The Mediterranean atmosphere of Goa is further accentuated with red tilted huts of the fisherman, narrow streets and gentle unspoiled people. Goa is a typical hybrid of Latin influence and Indian color. Goa holiday package will not only give you glimpse of a unique culture with its characteristic music and dances but will also help you unwind in its natural beauty and atmosphere. Goa Tour package is actually a trip to be cherished all your life and certainly no travelers will like to miss an opportunity to go to this worldwide famed beach spot on their trip to India. It is the wonderful destination for the people who are beach crazy as one can take pleasure in the fun filled water adventure and amusement activities in a pleasant and an unforgettable way. You have numerous amazing opportunities to involve in water actions like swimming, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving etc and at the same time get pleasure from holidays along the tranquil and peaceful beaches of Goa on Goa Tour Package. Goa is one of the most admired tourist destinations in India and the capital city of Panaji is very famous for the old churches and building of the colonial era. Goa was ruled for quite some time by the Portuguese so Goas traditions are a blend of European and Indian. Goas extended border touches the Arabian Sea. Goa has several places of attraction for tourists as beautiful beaches Aguada, Candolim, Anjuna, churches and old forts, Dudh Sagar Waterfall, excellent flora and fauna and cities like Panaji, Mapusa, Margao, etc really entice the people with their old beauty. Goa is linked with the major cities of India through air, railways and road transport. To the International destinations Goa is linked by international flights through Mumbai. Goa has a major tourist industry and its maximum income come from tourism, fisheries and electronic Industry. Goa is equipped with all the sources of entertainment that a tourist demand for like Casinos, Discos, water sports, Nightclubs and Bars Pubs.Goa is a heaven on earth for the beach lovers and a complete package for the tourists,so the Holiday in Goa is an amazing experience. So check out the featured holiday package tour Goa and find great deals to the most exciting vacation destinations in Goa. Are not unique to Goa holiday packages, which are specially designed to ensure that it is value for money. So pick from the wide range of Goa holiday packages and simply enjoy the extra ordinary experience. Therefore you can choose your place of stay based on various factors such as proximity to beaches, budgets, carnivals and festivals during the travel time, number of stars in the hotel or resort, facilities provided for them and many more. Some packages even include travel back and forth from place to Goa by train or bus, even by air.
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