In the Middle East there will be significant opportunity
As stability emerges in the Middle East there will be significant opportunity for the Franchising Community. Arab Franchising appears to be of interest for those seeking economic growth in much of that region of the World. They are more excited about economic expansion than we are in the US. They seem to understand the benefits of many small businesses employing millions of people and rightfully so Franchise Marketing Systems recently spent the past week in Dubai working with local businesses and meeting with a group of potential investors. For those who have not been to Dubai, this is what I would consider a mecca of consumerism and retail business - maybe Las Vegas, NV would come close, but even the strip can't compete with what Dubai has to offer. The Emirates Mall has an indoor ski slope, The Dubai Mall boasts an indoor ice skating rink, downtown Dubai proudly holds the trophy of having the world's tallest building, there are too many sites and unique aspects of Dubai to mention. But the exciting thing about the Middle East is to stop at Dubai is to only scratch the surface of the potential in the region for business growth. Gulf Franchising has the potential to bring the world together and unite us all as one, if we will let it. Capitalism pushes people up, while and socialism and communism push people down. Franchising by its very definition is the purest business format mirroring free market capitalism. In the United States franchising is going through a tough time right now with the over regulations and incessant litigation. What I found is that the Middle East culture is accepting and open to doing business and working with people from other areas of the world. The International feel and influence is obvious in Dubai, but is also beginning to show in areas like Abu Dhabi and throughout the Middle East business landscape. I couldn't help but notice the amount of American and European franchises that filled the strip centers and malls throughout the area. If you have not visited Dubai, you should make this your next trip. If you are in business and haven't considered doing business in the Middle East, you should make the region your next expansion goal.
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