We love the uniqueness of every client and capturing each woman`s own intimate beauty. For our the job is about more than providing high-quality fashion portraits - it is about giving each client a priceless look at how beautiful and sexy they are with images that will last a lifetime. We are known for our beautiful and elegant shooting style.
Blimey Studios creates unique, sexy and glamorous boudoir pictures for all women within the privacy of your home, or the intimacy of our studio. Every woman is different and has something fabulous to capture. It`s the perfect romantic gift for him the perfect gift for you!An intimate session is the perfect way for you to feel beautiful.
Regardless of age or body type, we specialize in offering all women an incredible opportunity to commission their own personal and unique collection of stunning, modern boudoir portraits. While our sessions are designed to create a personal, romantic gift for your significant other to cherish for a lifetime, they are truly designed for you.
The whole experience is fun, empowering and confidence building. Although the end result is for him, you`ll find it is just as much for you! We will photograph your boudoir session like a fashion shoot. Most sessions include a hair and make-up artist/stylist to stay throughout the shoot to create different looks and provide some pampering to make the shoot fun and relaxing. The location is chosen to match each client`s personality. Each session includes many wardrobe changes to give you a diverse selection of beautiful images to place in an album or to display as art prints.
Who says the session is just for the guy! What a wonderful way to get pampered and feel like a movie star and have some of the most gorgeous images of yourself!
For most women this is a once in a lifetime photo shoot - why not choose the best.
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