What to see around Goa State

There are a number of tourist destinations in Goa and a holiday here should be planned wisely so that you can make the most of your time.
There is much more to discover here than just the sand beneath your toes - a trip to a vanilla plantation will fill your head with a beautiful warm smell while a walk along the banks of the States Rivers will leave your ears full of birdsong. The centuries old cathedrals that live here are a marvelous site. And the white water of the waterfalls is awe inspiring.
The popularity that Rajasthan encounters as a tourist destination is in a large part due to the tourism industry which has worked incredibly hard to permit travelers on absolutely any budget to be able to afford the travel and tourism here, and be able to see all of Rajasthan`s magical sights. The treasures from the past absolutely take pride here in the forefront of the mind and spirits of this state. With such beauty to be found at the stunning Mehrangarh or the golden sandcastle at Jaisalmer, as well as the palaces at Udaipur or perhaps the carnival atmosphere of Pushkar, there is a history here that is deeply rich and turbulent but there is an acknowledgement here which is recognizable through the state`s economic dependency on tourism.
There are some very attractive tourism opportunities in Maharashtra which can only be limited by the imagination of the individual that is travelling through the area. Forts, caves, beaches, and hill stations are plentiful and many offer sites that far surpass anything you could imagine before seeing this amazing state for yourself.
For the beach hopping tourist there are some absolute stunners and beaches are well developed in Bordi, Gorai, Juhu, and Alibag to name just a few. There are many other fantastic beaches sin the state however they can sometimes be somewhat off the beaten track in respect to the tourism industry due to the lack of infrastructures surrounding them, especially accommodation.
You can enjoy a mix of Goan, Chinese, Portuguese inspired and Hindi food here which is well worth it if you are in for a change. The Goan staple diet consists of rice and fish curry along with pickles and fried fish. This can be found on many of the beach shacks. The Goan cuisine is a blend of Portuguese and local flavors. Many dishes such as prawn Balchao and Kingfish in Garlic have distinct Portuguese flavor. Other dishes found in Goa State such as vindaloo will be familiar from restaurant menus around the world but are originally Goan dishes. Most of the beaches here have food shacks that serve quite good meals. A specialty here is seafood and the service is great with many shack staff asking to see how you liked your food. Beware of taxi and auto rickshaw drivers who offer to take you to fancy restaurants as they often receive a commission.
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