Method of Weight Management
 Forget diet, save money and lose the weight. Method Weight Management is a tightly written little book on losing weight without the long winded explanations, deep-seated emotional issues and "new technology." Relatively new food labeling practices have made it easier than ever for the dieter to monitor their calorie intake. This is a good thing and I agree that you should track your food and drink intake for a while when you begin losing weight. The problem is that every human body is different, and every human body has a different metabolic type. This means you can not trust these charts that say if you are a 5 foot, 4 inch woman you should eat 1,400 calories per day. It is just not that cut and dry. A weight management plan is prepared after determining whether you are underweight or overweight. You need to plan an effective exercise routine meant for your type of body to help you lose or gain weight, as the case may be. Regular exercise is as necessary as breathing because you owe it your body to keep it healthy, physically and mentally. Exercise is a great stress buster, controls weight, improves your stamina and immunity and reduces risk of life threatening diseases. How fast can you lose when you follow a sensible weight management diet like this? You can expect to drop 3 to 10 pounds the first week and then after that keep dropping each week while you feel energized and motivated and before you know it you forget completely about carrying your calorie counting notebook around. The path to good health is not smooth. Shedding weight is not as easy as gaining weight. You have to be positive and willing to work hard to get results. A weight management chart will give you an idea of how to begin using your resources to get optimal health. It is necessary to be committed and informed about the benefits of a good weight management plan and make it your way of life.
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