Franchising is currently riding a wave of global growth

Worldwide, franchising is currently riding a wave of global growth unparalleled in its history. And for the right kind of person, franchise ownership can provide the perfect vehicle for achieving financial success. That type of person thrives in a space somewhere between the Lone Ranger and the Corporate Drone. In other words, franchising provides the opportunity to be master of your own financial destiny, while enjoying the support of an established organization and the resources it commands.
Statistics vary widely on the success/failure ratio of franchised versus non-franchised startup businesses, but franchises invariably come out on top. Rather than cluttering the page with numbers, let's apply common sense: Comparing the payment of: (1) an up-front fee to buy into the support, reputation, and track record of a franchise system with (2) the research, development, and startup costs involved in creating your own, independent business, the odds of survival clearly favor franchisees. As the truism says, franchising is about being in business "for yourself, not by yourself."
For those new to the franchise business model, the notion of writing a large check at the outset (the franchise fee) and another every week or month (the royalty) may seem strange, objectionable, or even a deal-breaker. But those fees buy you security in the form of the experience and expertise mentioned above--including a proven business model, a system to make it work, the value of a recognized brand name, and a dedicated team of people whose only job is to help you, the franchisee, to grow and succeed. Why? Because every savvy franchisor knows one essential truth: the more each franchisee succeeds, the more the brand succeeds. In the race to grow and expand the brand, their money is riding on you.
Even within a franchise brand, units or territories owned by franchisees do better than units run by corporate managers. Having a stake in the outcome of the operation, knowing that you will be rewarded directly for your efforts (versus pulling a salary), gives Franchise Dubai additional incentive to go that extra mile every chance they get.
Yes, franchising has many built-in benefits and advantages, but it's not for everybody. Some people thrive on the challenge of being out there on their own, inventing a new wheel each day, making all their own decisions, answering to no one but themselves (and their customers and creditors). Others crave the structure, reduced responsibility, and perceived security of a day job they can forget about as soon as they punch out or close the door behind them. And others still thrive on the challenge of climbing the corporate ladder, being an integral part of a team.
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