A new search engine : PDF searcher
 Are you only looking for the PDF files on the Web which could possibly be relating topics such as cooking, education, technology or gardening and so on? Probably, the right place through which you could get such matter is a search engine meant particularly for the format. Portable document format was introduced in the year 1993 by Adobe with the intention that it would facilitate 2D and 3D representation of any document on the Web. A comparable search engine for PDF files is the 'viewer' that is more of an application pack which helps users to view, edit or print such files. With time, it has carved a niche for itself and now there are quite a number of such tools that are available however it implies that a purchaser prior to getting one of them must make sure of the requirements and only then select the one that best suits the needs. A PDF search engine is an online search engine which has been specifically designed to search through only the PDF files on the internet which may be related to any subject like technology, gardening, cooking, and education and so on. PDF is an acronym for the phrase 'portable document format' and it was introduced by Adobe for the first time in 1993 with the intention of facilitating two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation of the document on the internet. Therefore, the file which has been formatted in this manner features the extension.pdf and although it shows up in course of a normal search, a more efficient method of finding it would be to trigger an online PDF search. PDF is the acronym of portable document format introduced by adobe and it carries the.pdf file extension. It has lots of advantages compared to other file formats namely. Firstly your file is secured given that it contains encryption for a distinct document. Secondly viruses and Trojan are very unlikely to attack PDF files. Next is that they can compress very large files. However, PDF files are not easy to edit which makes it as its major booboo. On the other hand, E books are no different from PDF files. E books are books in an electronic format which looks like a real book just without the presence of paper and viewed on a computer screen. E books are preferable since these can be purchased easily and downloaded swiftly without getting a strained neck. Also, it is secured from viruses and readily accessible online. A PDF search engine operates by the user entering the relevant keyword and then clicking on 'Search'. This would reveal a number of links which may be related to the information being searched and on following any of the links one is likely to be rewarded with a storehouse of data. Sometimes this tool functions as an eBook search engine as well since it has been identified as being the best ways of locating an eBook which has been submitted in PDF format.
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