Some of the enhancements, which you can do to your photos
 Photos are great for preserving memories of special occasions for years to come. We all love taking photos, but are often not satisfied with the quality of the final product. Our photos often seem to have problems with the brightness/contrast levels, color density, light/shadow effects, and blurred textures. Photo enhancement can fix these errors and make our photos look better. Many kinds of imperfections can be covered up through photo enhancement, which include the following:
Red eye effect - There are many inexperienced photographers who usually repeat this error where they take the pictures of the people having red eyes. Direct flash and poor lighting conditions are responsible for creating this situation. This also takes place when the flash bulb is placed close to the camera lens. During the correction process, these red eyes are removed by photo experts to make the pics look natural.
Photo Retouching is a process which is widely used by nearly all of the leading professional photographers. This technique adds great professional look to your original photograph. The retouching of the photograph gives portrait effect to your picture and also several other features can also be added to the photograph such as adding text, masking and giving reflection effects. One can add even the motion effect to your picture but it requires specific software's and this task should be handled by the professionals only.
Like the other form of art canvas, art is also an ideal choice for interior decorations. The photo pop art of your family members are somewhat funny and amazing that could able to convey a message. You can also turn the photo of your beloved pet to art that is a colorful decoration to your living room or even in your bedroom.
Lighting - This is perhaps one of the best enhancements that can be made to a photo. Simply altering the lighting effects can make a photo look artistic, create a depth of field effect, and so on.
These are some of the enhancements that a photo enhancement expert can do to your photos. Online services are also available where you can get your photos enhanced for a small fee and give a professional look to your collection of photographs.
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