Having your car stolen can be a scary thing
 Along with the improvement of human life, automobiles will be more and more dispensable. Stealing cars has become one of the common crimes since the first ford car was stolen. More cars are stolen nowadays because of the increase amount of automobiles, which heavily worried every car owner. The original security system is installed in most of the new cars nowadays. The keys also have the theft proof chip. The thieves can not open the door by technological means, however, this kind of chip has trouble to duplicate if it is lost. Some Statistics show that some models of cars utilize the invisible integrate circuit card instead of the key. The security system will unlock automatically if there are three or five miles between the owner and the car, and the car will start when the owner pressing the ignition button. The door will also lock itself when the owner leaves more than five miles. It is thought by many that car alarms are unimportant as well but this is not the case. Why do you think insurance companies give you a discount if you have an anti theft device installed on your vehicle? Because they know that it works to guard against theft. An alarm represents two negatives to a car thief. One, an alarm going off would draw unwanted attention to their nefarious activities and secondly it takes more time to disable it. If anyone save our loved and well looked after cars from being stolen, it is only we the car owners. Nobody else can replace you in saving your car. Even police force has its own limits. So better be prepared when thieves strike you when you least expect them. Check out our new parking posts.
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