Indian History, Indian Philosophy, Indian Literature

In.docsity is a part of the website entirely dedicated to Indian University students who study Engineering, Computer science, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Literature. The documents come from students belonging to Indian Institute of Technology, Anna University, UPTU, IIIT, Mumbai University, Delhi University, Hyderabad University, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Bangalore university and many others.
History and philosophy university notes, essays, exam papers, exercises for Indian University Students
Indian History,Indian Philosophy,Indian Social Institutions
Web based project management systems have come up with brilliant solutions for all such problems. It has made sharing documents and data with colleagues so easy, quick and simple that it leaves zero chances of a delay in the completion of a project, due to lack of coordination between the colleagues.
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Literature: a wide range of Indian university notes, essays, exam papers, exercises for and from Indian University Students. The main topics on Docsity are the followings:
Indian Literature,Communication skills,Natural Language Processing,History of Translation
Theories of Translation,Morphology and Syntax,Areas of Social Work,Arts ,Introduction to Literature,Communication of Development,Comparative Indian Literature,Cultural history of europe
The principal truth underlying Docsity is that education is less and less solely the product of universities. We believe in the power of students and in our capability to fill the gap not filled by the traditional educational ways.
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