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 Injury Prevention is crucial for lasting career in massage therapy. Staying healthy and injury free happens when you create balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Balance happens when different parts of your life are in proportion to each other. It is important to make an effort and balance your physical self first. Important components of caring for your physical body include correct body mechanics, exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of rest. There are varying forms and manifestations of massage, which offer its own individual benefits to the patients. A massage session can be conducted while someone is standing, sitting in a chair or what is most commonly seen is that when the patient is lying on a flat structure, which could even be a bed etc. With the development in the field of massage therapy, it has lead to the introduction of many products etc that facilitate the entire experience of having a massage; these products allow the individuals to watch over the massage techniques by themselves. Thus making the process even more beneficial and conducive to the patients. Massage therapists need to get massage themselves. Take some time out to get a massage; either pay for it or trade with a friend. The benefits of the treatment are endless: the oils are anti-viral, analgesic, energy aligning, muscle relaxing, restorative and detoxifying. The treatment can be modified with application of various oils to treat various conditions and illnesses. You are only limited by your knowledge of your client and your knowledge of essential oils. But the best part is, you can truly care for your clients and get amazing results without completely exhausting yourself and doing damage to your muscles and joints, as can often be the result of performing massage. Raindrop is a great way to care for your clients AND care for yourself at the same time!
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