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 Much more than simply an RSS feed, MyJia offers you unique, original content along with access to what`s happening elsewhere on the web. This means you won`t need to spend hours trawling through your bookmarks just to catch up on the latest industry news. The blog posts on MyJia are updated hourly, so you`ll always be in the loop with the latest talking points. Plus, industry news, job postings, and videos are updated in real time - so you can get the latest developments as they happen. MyJia is set to become the hottest destination on the web for those in the IT industry, so if you haven`t already had a look around the site, please feel free. Why not bookmark us and drop by each day (or more) to get the latest news from the industry and beyond. Here at MyJia we`re always looking for new ways to improve the site and the experience we offer our users, so don`t hesitate to get in touch if there`s anything you feel may improve the website. MyJia offers an active and growing community - a place to find the latest news, videos, blogs, and jobs - and it`s all completely free! As the site grows you`ll see more and more updates being added, along with new features to help you get the most from the industry. We offer the latest news about everything from iPads and iPhones to geeky gadgets, so there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, we`re always adding new categories, so your enjoyment of the MyJia experience will grow as the site does. We never stop thinking of new features and means to give you up-to-the-minute info and welcome you to join us we often work with freelancers from a wide range of backgrounds, from tech writers to cutting-edge furniture retailers. Thanks for dropping by, check out our latest IT News and we hope you enjoy your stay at MyJia.
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