Travel with your pet in style
 When you are traveling whether it is by car or an airline travel it is necessary to keep a cage. You might feel its need while traveling. Many times it is seen that the pets meet an accident or get lost. So to avoid all these difficulties the pets must be put inside the cage. Or in case if you are driving and they jump from the car. Open pets also disturb a lot while driving. Therefore to avoid all these problems pet cages are designed. If you take your pet out and there are pets which are larger, then it obvious they may harm your pet. Therefore to keep them safe and secure they have to be handled with care. Sometimes there may be cases when your pet can hurt other pets then also a cage is required for such pets. You will be prepared to travel with your pet in style once you have selected a suitable travel carrier from the wide array of available cages. With all of the available options, people can enjoy traveling with their canine or feline companions instead of leaving them behind. You and your pet will have a great time together on your journeys, so travel with your pet knowing that he or she will be comfortable and secure. We stock a wide range of Doggie Solutions Dog Crates, Dog cages, Soft crates, puppy pens and Dog Travel crates. Dog cages and Puppy cages are ideal for helping solve many behavioural problems and help cut potty training time considerably. Our Dog Cages are available in 6 sizes so will suit most dogs. Most of our crates have two doors, one at the end and one at the side making them more versatile helping them fit into limited spaces. Our 8 panel Doggie Solutions Puppy Pens are available in 5 heights, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches so are suitable for fost puppies and some young Dogs. The Doggie Solutions Fabric Soft Dog Crates are also available in a wide range of sizes, they are lightweight making them ideal for taking on holidays etc, obviously they are not as strong as the wire crates so if your dog is not crate trained or of an excitable disposition the soft Dog crates may not be suitable.
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