Joomla development has its share of challenges and opportunities

There are a couple of things to consider even before deciding how to design your own website such as person should already have a clue of what type of website he would want. There are different types of websites including informational sites having content revolving around a singular topic or personal websites such as joomla real estate group pages, family pages and blogs etc. Nowadays website has become a crucial part of any business and that is why more and more entrepreneurs are bringing their businesses online by creating professional websites.
Joomla is a universal free open-source content management system. Universality means that you can adapt it for almost any purpose. Bloggers usually choose Wordpress for the blogging platform. This is a natural choice, but you can also make blog with Joomla. The basic installation provides the backbone for a working website. The page layout can be set by installing appropriate template. You can choose among thousands of free templates or pay small fee for a professional customizable design. Additional features and functionality can be added with various extensions. Depending on the extension function they are available as components, modules or plugins. Extensions make Joomla extremely universal
The first and the most important thing in Joomla is that it is easy to use and easy to install. This means that anyone can easily use it without any prior knowledge of programming, but it requires some basic knowledge of web programming in order to make modifications.
The second most important thing in Joomla is its flexibility. It has a wide range of plugins and development components and the developers from all over the world have enriched the Joomla extension directory with their own plugins and extensions.
If you can`t find the plugins or extensions which perfectly suit your necessities, then you can easily customize the existing extensions only if you have some experience of web programming. If you don`t have, you can ask your developer to do it for you.
Thus with the use of extensions you can achieve amazing functionality in your website which adds to your competitive edge over your rivals. Joomla development has its share of challenges and opportunities. All these can be handled by developers who have experience and expertise with the platform.
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