High-quality microscopes for your school's science department

In a few days, school's out for a few weeks and here you are stuck with a ton of science schoolwork to do. It doesn't matter if you are a high school student or a college student majoring in biology or general sciences. You go to the school's science department only to see that you can't lend one to finish all of your pending school work the soonest possible time. Unfortunately there are already those who have thought of the same thing and are already lining up to do the same thing you want to do. Some of them already walk out in front of you, their schoolwork in one hand and the microscope in another. What would you do?
When it comes to the purchase of new lab equipment, everything has to be considered carefully because high-end lab equipment are not cheap, that goes to for the must-have digital microscope. Must the this be an option when a budget is tight?
If you want to study specimens that are larger such as insects, leaves and rocks, you will want to choose a stereo microscope. These specimens require less magnification to see their detail. A stereo microscope has at least two eyepieces and provides a three dimensional image off the specimen you are looking at. Two common forms of stereo microscopes are dual power and zoom magnification.
Some microscopes are designed to accommodate digital upgrades. If you have a particular brand of microscope, ask the dealer if they have compatible digital kits for your microscope. Better check again your microscope's manual; this will contain the manufacturer's recommendation for digital upgrade.
If you want quality in an educational microscope and, hence, value for your money, you must never buy from a nature and science store, a department store or a toy store. There are online sources for high-quality microscopes that will not end up not being used and worse, in the trash can.
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