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More and more people from around the world are now getting addicted to karaoke songs and singing in their own home, at a bar or with friends. The demand for karaoke bars and karaoke systems are also increasing of late, with more corporate karaoke events being booked and used as a way of great team building. However, what is the reason why so many people now love karaoke bars and are getting addicted to karaoke music?
Karaoke downloads are a great way to get backing tracks for your favorite songs. However, you should be careful while downloading karaoke music. Some tracks will be midi files that come with lyrics attached. The midi files are generally free but are mostly illegal, and there is disparity in how they sound. Also, these files will sound better if the sound card is properly configured with good sound fonts. So, it is advisable to download mp3 songs. The following are the most common and best karaoke downloads.
Finally, MIDI tracks are another way to go if you value flexibility or want to pick up an instrumental for free. Many musicians like to use MIDI files because they can assign different instruments to parts of the music. If you want to add a little different to a song you can always exchange a guitar for a piano. The quality of MIDI files really does vary from site to site; I know that has a great selection of top quality karaoke titles to choose from.
All in all there is no way to determine the best format for karaoke tracks, it all depends on individual preference. If you value quality above anything else then I would definitely recommend a CD+G track. If affordability is a key factor for you then MIDI mid files can usually be picked up for next to nothing and sometimes even for free.
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