Solar Thermal Energy Plants: Hot News
 Solar thermal energy (STE) can be produced in small amounts by solar panels directly attached to a structure or by larger solar power plants connected with the electric grid. As you'll see if you read a renewable energy blog or two, this is a technology that many people are excited about. STE collectors used to generate power fall into the high-temperature collector category. Parabolic collectors, which have a bent surface in order to expose the largest possible surface area to the sun's rays, are one of the most common designs. Plants like Nevada Solar One rely on this type of solar panel installation to produce both renewable energy and renewable energy jobs, a double benefit. Another type of solar panel installation used in large-scale operation is the power tower design, which tracks the sun's path through the sky and focuses its energy using thousands of small mirrored panels called heliostats. This type of system is used at Solar Tres, the solar thermal plant in El Andalus, Spain. Currently, solar thermal energy plants make no contribution to UK solar power because no plants are located in the UK. Spain and the United States are the leaders in this field, although Australia, France, Iran, and other nations have plants currently operational. Notice that all of these nations are noted for their sunny weather, a necessity for large-scale solar power UK production. STE plants are seen by some as the way of the future, though due to a relatively low rate of sun exposure these plants may never be a large part of the UK solar power system. If the renewable energy industry is of interest to you, please subscribe, or follow us by email on the right hand side of this page... You can also view previous articles on our blog archive and most popular post sections! - Tracking developments in Wind and Solar UK energy
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