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 Web development has grown in sophistication due to the transformation of CMS or Content Management Systems. The concept of a dynamic CMS first gained traction during the early 2000s with the development of Mambo. Previously web owners were required to understand two distinct and sometimes complicated languages - HTML, CSS. Hyper Text Language focuses on identifying the overall layout of the site and its structure. Cascading Style Sheets identifies the specific colours, positions and margins of each section within the site. In an attempt to simplify the process and allow for ease of use and customisation, web communities designed specific content management systems, which spurred the creation Joomla.
For Joomla development, it is easy to get support from where you get comprehensive tutorials for developers and web owners.
To create access to your component from the Joomla! administrator navigation menus, you need to register the component in the Joomla database. This is done by making an entry in the jos_components table. If you setup your Joomla! database so that it uses a table prefix other than jos_, your components table name will obviously be slightly different. The pertinent fields from that table, which you'll need to specify when making your component entry, are name, link, admin_menu_link, and option. These fields set up the Joomla! internal navigation for your component so that it can be referenced from the Components menu and so that it can be linked to on the frontend from a Joomla! menu using the standard component link.
Understanding the concept of a dynamic site, which can be customised on the go with new content, modules and plugins is still a new concept for many designers and industry people. Recently industry experts highlighted the impact CMS had on the growth and sophistication of the web design industry. Although there has been a shift away from the traditional HTML to open source CMS, many website owners still lack the relevant coding knowledge or experience to develop a joomla directory component.
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