Best websites for hotel deals

How can you be sure that the hotel you are going to stay in has the best prices? Nothing more simple than that. Go online to one of the many sites that offer you that kind of information, pick more hotels that appeal to you and compare the prices. Keep in mind that the prices vary from country to country and depend on the services those hotels might offer you. If you want a ride from the airport you will have to pay extra money but if you don`t want breakfast or launch you will come out cheaper. It all depends on how you negotiate.
The negotiation is the key to success. If you know how to speak and what to ask for, the prices will drop and you will receive major discounts, but you will also have to offer them something, just like in a trade. If you stay in that hotel for more than one week, they might offer you an extra night, if you don`t want the meal package included they might get you discounts for the hotel restaurant and so on.
The number of the stars the hotel has is also important in establishing the price. If it has less than three stars, it will be easy for you to ask for a discount because besides bed and bathroom, they will not give you anything else, but if the stars are more than three, you will have a problem, because they will offer whatever you ask for and that comes at a price. Don`t expect to go at a 7 star hotel and ask for a discount because they will not care. They will offer you everything for those 7 stars and you will not have a thing to complain about.
Even if the hotel has the most reasonable prices, check the opinions of the customers. There might be something fishy and you will end up in a terrible, bad smelling room. Check out the best websites for hotel deals and keep your options in order, even if you have to pay a few more dollars, make sure they are worth it. The hotel staff will also want you to enjoy your vacation.
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