More information about news aggregators
 News aggregation technology has resolved the problem in news monitoring. When news aggregators came in, the usual checking of news updates from one website to another has been made easier and faster. Aggregators bring together information from various sources into one place. Some of them are customizable, others are not. Some allow you to include a sidebar or add-on to your current browser, while others can only be accessed through their own URL. Yahoo and Google both have customizable pages which can bring together your various e-mail accounts, news, weather, notes, stock quotes and pretty much anything else. Each topic is displayed through a widget - a box on the screen - and is automatically updated with new information. Basically, a net news reader or a news aggregator is a kind of software program which automatically get news feeds on the pages of the web which supply these feeds. News feeds has different kinds of standard formats and they are relatively code items that are very simple. These news feeds could be retrieved as well as read by a news aggregator and might have headlines, summaries, full articles, excerpts, links as well as images. That is all that you really need to know about news feeder to be able to use this technology. Some news aggregation sites have unorganized news contents. To solve this, these sites may use a system that automatically classifies news contents into their appropriate news categories (national, global, crime, political, environmental, etc.). This will help users find their preferred stories right away. News aggregator also help website owners because not only do your customers and visitors like them because of the relevant useful information they deliver, Search Engines like them too. Your website always has fresh up to date content.
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