Get the perfect men's shirt
 For many, the average men's shirt is simply a garment of utility - one that is worn by men across the world for reasons of function and not necessarily fashion. But this attitude belies the hundreds of years of trends in men's shirts. From the typical collarless shirts with billowing sleeves worn by classical painters to the modern formal button-down shirt, men's shirts have captured the imaginations of both designers and ordinary men for generations. In the twentieth century in particular, a range of different shirt styles have proved popular with men of all ages. Mens shirts were initially used in the manner that undershirts are used today, as a absorbent cloth, cool to be worn beneath mens suits. This kind of apparel in mens suits considered a luxury, as this is also shows wealth, a shirt itself eventually became fashionable. As history says, the collar of the mens shirt became the most fashionable and defining element of the shirt, from being starched up adorned with frills and layers upon layers of lace, silk and fur. The button-down shirt has also been one of the most influential men's shirts in fashion history - but memories of how it was created tend to be somewhat hazy. Some fashion experts claim that the button-down collar shirt was invented by an American shirt manufacturer who was inspired by an English polo match, in which players had their collars clipped down to avoid flapping in the wind. Others say that button-down shirts were created in New York, when their inventor (as yet anonymous) attached his collar to his shirt with buttons in a fit of annoyance at the oncoming wind. Getting the perfect men shirt for your outfit is not as difficult as you may think. Instead, you should try to select a fabric that both looks good and fits your style. If you do this, you will look your best at anytime.
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