Dog Crate Makes Your Pet Feel Royal
 Dogs have been the favorite companions of mankind for generations. They have been documented in the Egyptian age and have been faithful hunters and guides for many years. Depending upon a dog's breed and pedigree, a number of people prefer to keep a pet at some point in life. Dogs may be indoor or outdoor pets. In order to keep pets indoors most people prefer wire dog crates, which are considered a practical option. You've probably spent a lot of money to buy a dog of the best breed and to train it as a pet for your kid. You usually buy the best feed for the pet and ensure that it always stays clean. But the dog's kennel still makes him look like...a dog. With just a few hundred dollars you can transform your dog from poor puppy to pampered pet. Dogs do not want to soil their den, but if it happens in the crate, clean it up immediately. Do not make the dog stay in a soiled area. Remember dogs want to please their owner. If the puppy came from a pet shop, he may have gotten used to going in dog crates, so watch him and take him out at once if he starts to relieve himself in the crate. Patience, kindness and rewards will pay off in a short time and you will have a well-trained pet. Regardless of where your dog's crate is situated in your home, children must be taught that it is his special room and they should not pester your dog or puppy when he is in his crate. This will give your dog the confidence of knowing he can retreat and rest or "hang out" for as long as he wishes and no one will disturb him.
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