Medals and war memories are irreplaceable

We all know that the wars have destroyed thousands of lives, and despite that, we tend to keep souvenirs from those times, medals, papers, pictures and so on. Many of us might not know that at least one member of the family died in those gruesome fights, and they will probably never know. All we can do now is bow down in front of their headstones and pay our respects.
Medals, photographs and awards are left from those fights, and it is our duty and honor to preserve them for the future generations. If go online, you can find many sites that sell those kind of things, each and every one of them with a different cost and value. Because these items are at least fifty years old, they don`t look brand new anymore. Some of them might have massive deteriorations, on some of them the writing might not be visible anymore, but let`s face it, you would want to buy a memory from the war, not a new medal.
Each and every medal has a story, but there is no one to tell it, each and every medal has a value, and it is up to you to preserve it. If you keep the goods you buy online in a good place, out of reach, moist and sun, they will last almost forever. Keep in mind that those medals will always tell the story of a country and they will show your achievements as a human being.
One medal symbolizes a soldier`s loyalty towards his country. Don`t keep them in places where they might get damaged, create your personal collection and enjoy this hobby. Once you see that they start to lose their shine and aspect, and rust start to appear make sure you clean them. If you don`t have the adequate tools, just take them to a professional and he will definitely know what to do with them.
These HJ Mitgliedsabzeichen medals and war memories are irreplaceable and they need to be treated with respect. You should give them a proper care if you want them to last longer.
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