HD Satellite receivers for a high definition television
 Satellite receivers are the electronic components on an earth station which decodes the microwaves and prepares satellite signals for viewing and listening. These receivers are the end components in the satellite system. The four most essential characteristics as offered by these satellite receivers include decoding the encrypted signal, converts the MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 signal into the analogy format so that the standard television sets can recognise, extracts channels according to one's own need from the larger satellite signals and lastly it provides for the billing information as well as the pay per view information of the customer to the providers. There are a lot of advantages that high definition television has over the old fashioned standard definition format and, at present, the satellite TV provider Dish Network is way ahead of the other television service providers in both the cable TV industry and the satellite TV industry when it comes to providing high definition television programming. That's because while the other players all offer fewer than twenty three high def channels, Dish Network provides a minimum of twenty five high definition channels and over thirty in some markets (depending on the availability of local high def channels). If you are contemplating getting in either free or subscription Satellite TV, then what you have just read is crucial in making you decision. You will have to weigh up the channel listings versus price versus functionality of the HD satellite receiver. Only after that an you make an informed decision. Just another note to mention as well. There will in the coming months be another two options to receive satellite TV in Ireland with the launch of Real Digital TV and Saorsat which I will deal with in later articles.
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