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Online tutoring is an excellent decision for those who find it difficult to attend various tutoring centers which are far from their homes. It provides easy relief to the students as they can choose from a variety of subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, science or general knowledge and receive direct useful tutoring from advanced teachers online.
The online community has grown into one big family and so does it include the online learning community. The dawn of cyberspace is gradually taking over and with the fast marching of technology the education system has no choice but joined the march. The birth of elearning has set a new playing field in the education system.
Docsity is a social learning website where university students can freely share university notes, exam papers, is a part of the website entirely dedicated to American University students who study topics such as Engineering, Computer science, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Literature. The documents come from students belonging to Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, UCLA, Princeton, California Institute of technology (Caltech), Brown University, New York University, University of Chicago, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Columbia and many others.
Physics university notes, essays, exam papers, exercises from the best US Universities and directly from university students in physics:Physics notes, Engineering Physics notes, Fluid Mechanics exercises and notes, Particle Physics, Applied physics, Classical Mechanics, Mechanics, Quantum State of Matter, Physics of technological processes for Micro and Nano systems
Docsity is kind of a big, worldwide University seen from the students` perspective!
Docsity pays infinite attention to the quality of the contents. An "Advisory Board" made by students has been created in order to keep the platform`s content`s quality high. It is now composed of students coming from the United States of America, UK, India, Sweden and France.
On the other side, everyone can rate the contents on the learning network and this allows Docsity to categorize and rank them properly.
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