Minoxidil and other hair treatments
In 1988, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company introduced the first FDA-approved product proven to regrow hair. Since 1996, in light of their excellent safety profile, Rogaine Regular Strength for Men and Rogaine for Women have been sold as over-the-counter (non prescription) drugs. Rogaine extra strength is now sold over the counter as well. It is a clear solution you apply to the top of your scalp where hair is thinning. Minoxidil in its 2% form has been approved for use in both Men and Women, however the 5% mixture has just recently been approved for over the counter distribution, but is only for use in Men. Minoxidil is an ingredient which works to stimulate the hair follicles into growth. It is safe to say that the 5% version is the strongest regrowth product available over the counter, while the 2% is something you may wish to start with if you're just starting to experience balding. Once again it is important to pace yourself with hair loss treatments. As with any treatment, you run the risk of it losing its effectiveness over time, so start light, see if it works, then increase to 5% if you are not seeing the results you want. It is common for a shampoo to make claims that they will grow new hair if you use their products regularly.If you purchase a shampoo treatment that has Minoxidil in it then you will be able to get the results that you want.There are very few products that come with this endorsement.Another product that is proven to work in a shampoo form is the cortisone and this will work well with Minoxidil to help cure balding of any type. Using these together is the best way to grow new hair and to stop the hair loss that is already happening. If you are looking to kick start some regrowth, and maintain what you have, but have had no success on other treatments, or on Propecia or Rogaine alone, combining them is a sure way to optimize your results. Results vary from person to person. There were, however, a couple studies which evaluated men who had used topical Minox in the 2% and 3% form for 5 years. These studies show some very good information on the lasting effectiveness of Minox over time. Some feel that they show a decrease in effectiveness, whereas others feel it shows its long term ability to fight off impending doom. Keeping in mind that the absence of treatment will most assuredly mean a continued dramatic balding, and discontinued regrowth, seeing how well Minox fended off this effect for such a long time could indeed be an argument for its staying power. Are you a half full or half empty kind of person? Read the studies and decide for yourself! Keep in mind, this was not the well known 5% form of Minoxidil, nor were they using any other treatments at the time. You have the luxury of combining effective treatments to further increase your chances of regrowth. Both are available below in PDF format. You must have Acrobat Reader to view the files - which is also available below. So the answer to the question does minoxidil work is mixed. Yes it works but not for all and with some qualifications. However for any man or woman experiencing thinning hair it is well worth a try.To find out which product combines the use of minoxidil with essential hair nutrients and if you want to buy minoxidil, check our website.
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