Deep tissue massage
 The deep tissue massage is a technique that is designed to work on the deeper tissues and muscles of the body. While standard Swedish massage is good for relaxation, it is not efficient for athletes, dancers and people with physically demanding jobs or people who have had accidents because they could have deeper damages to their muscles. Preparations prior to the massage session are essential with this type of therapeutic massage as it involves different levels of applied pressure. Heavy meals should be out of the diet on the day of the session as it will make the patient uncomfortable during the therapy. Early arrival at the massage spa is also important as it gives the therapist enough time to assess the condition of the patient both physically and mentally. Loose clothing should be worn during sessions and attentiveness to the therapist is also required as the patient will be asked to change position on some areas of the body to further enhance the manipulation of the massage therapy. Pillows are used by the patient during the therapy session for comfort and positioning purposes. Deep tissue massage is also about working with the myofascial system and trigger points. The myofascial system is made up of a web of connective tissue that both wraps around the muscles and compartmentalizes the body. Muscles are made up of many layers of tissue. The place where muscle contraction occurs in the muscle fiber is called a sarcomere. These are microscopic units and it takes millions of them to contract for even the smallest movement. For a deep tissue massage auckland to be effective and yield fruit, it must be done by a specialized therapist. The therapist applies pressure and friction across and along the muscle fibers which acts to breaks down the adhesions in the connective tissues and restore a more regular range of movement. The massage relaxes the tight muscles and improves circulation in the deeper tissues of the muscle thereby bringing relief from pains and stress.
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