Take care of your feet

Everybody has their habits, some of them are bearable, some of them are nasty, but most women have their annoying and yet lovely habits. They spend hours in the bathroom trying to make themselves beautiful for the man they love, they put on ugly facial masks that make them look like Shrek, they put on lipstick that man hate and so on, but not many of them have the time to carefully take care of their feet.
Your feet are as important as your face, and if you don`t take care of your feet, especially your heels, they might crack and get rough. You don`t want to be unable to wear those beautiful strapless sandals because of that, do you? And how do you take care of your feet? You wash them, moisturize them but also use the pumice stone on them. I have to tell you, that process is harmful for your feet, you think it`s good, because it removes the dead skin, but it also dries your heels and make them crack. The best ay to take care of your feet is by using a Pedi Mask. They are some special socks that you will have to ware for almost 2 hours and they will peel off the dead skin without causing tears and damage to your feet. The results will start to show after 4-5 days, and because it is a slow process, no harm will be done. While you apply the Pedi Mask you don`t have to stay still, put another pair of socks and move around, but not too much. If your rough heels are very damaged and the layer of dead, cracked skin is thick make sure you use the mask again after 4 weeks. After you take off the Pedi Mask make sure to carefully wash your feet with warm water.
I have to say that they work, but the process depends on everybody`s type of skin. Don`t do exercises like running or excessive walking until the process is complete, I know it might be difficult, but is a small price to pay for the beauty of your feet.
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