Commercial Crews connects the local contractor
 Commercial Crews connects the local contractor, handyman, or trade service provider with the tools and projects needed to sustain a reasonable addition to there monthly project list. If your new to the construction industry or an old school trade worker we have the team and tools you need to compliment your work flow to encourage positive stimulation in your service business. Call us today, or sign up. Either way you will get the boost you need to put more projects on your plate that match your skill set and service level. You need the work. We need to have it completed. What better relationship in the construction business is there. With your help we can get the commercial, residential and bank foreclosure jobs completed in your area that we have scheduled out. Working in partnership with owners, property managers, banks and insurance providers, our team's quickly reign in the chaos using state-of-the-art, cost-effective restoration and reconstruction solutions - while providing up-front pricing, clear communication, and transparency - every step of the way. Accidents resulting from unintentional and legal activity can be qualified as negligence, and in many cases, employees injured with regard to the respective involvement in such accidents may be able to retrieve compensation. Construction Site accidents that result from the improper usage of equipment - in addition to purposefully-irresponsible and dangerous activity - will rarely be awarded compensation. The administrative and authoritative body is responsible for the regulation of health and safety standards taking place on a construction site. The companies we sub-contract with on our jobs must be proven reliable, trustworthy and responsive to the work orders, residential and commercial projects we have moving across our desks. If this sounds like an arrangement your company can aspire to achieve we want to speak with you as soon as possible. We encourage you to read the following article to see just how desperate the US Banks are at restoring and relinquishing their inventory of distressed properties, and how that translates to Commercial Crews getting a steady flow of work.
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