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 Massage therapy is the treatment of stress, disease and physical or emotional disorders with manipulation of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues. Specific targets of this type of treatment may include superficial muscles, tendons, joints, outer layer of skin, ligaments, lymphatic system, and even internal organs. Some of the most popular body parts that are commonly treated include the back, shoulders, hands, and feet. Effects of massage therapy may include pain relief, anxiety reduction, blood pressure control, heart rate reduction, improved alertness, decreased stress hormone levels, immune system stimulation, depression alleviation, and even improvement of spastic muscular disorders such as cerebral palsy. However, the treatment is often considered controversial in many medical circles. Results largely remain unproven because it is virtually impossible to test this type of treatment against another modality. Any form of touch may be considered beneficial and there is no placebo for massage therapy. Still, individuals who invest time and money in this type of procedure are most often pleased with the results and many engage in long-term therapy over months, years or decades. The massage therapist is trained and responsible for creating a soothing, relaxing and professional environment for the client's pleasure. In this same way, the client is also responsible for communicating with their therapist in order for them to properly provide a service which is comfortable and without issue. Highly experienced therapists are also able to direct the client through the massage so there is as little confusion as possible about the process. Massage therapy can succesfully help to ease your stressful life.
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