Prevent parking, ram raiding with bollards
 When considering bollard purposes, architects, specifiers, construction managers and property owners must first determine what a particular project needs. Bollards can provide property and perimeter security, can serve as refined architectural accents, or can offer both functions in many cases. Other types of bollards can be used as warning guides to note areas that are unsafe or under construction, or to divert or direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Some bollards are fixed, while others will collapse or retract into the ground, and others are flexible to minimize damage to both the bollards and vehicles should impact occur. Today's bollards also can do double duty as bike racks along with their primary security function. For parking lots and other sites where the main goal of bollards is to direct traffic, to keep parked vehicles from encroaching on or damaging planters, trees, benches and other landscaping, and to deter vehicles from veering off designated routes, customers can now choose from various flexible bollards available in the market. Bollards are now more in demand. There are several online stores now that provide you rising security bollards according to your requirements. All that is needed is your click on the mouse and you'll find the exact kind of bollards you wanted.
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