Poems use creativity on its highest level

What does a man need to be a poet, or tomorrow's literary giant? Questions many students has asked, from Harvard all the way to the community college in one's hometown. What is the answer? Well, I can give you mine, and I'm sure if you asked a hundred writers, or a hundred scholars, you'd get two hundred different answers.
Poems are the portion of literature, which the writer writes in the form of a verse as well as using other formats. They use various types of writing techniques like using metaphors as well as similes, etc. to express emotions they are undergoing and to convey them to the reader. Such techniques use many kinds of examples, which help a person to understand the mind-set. It can be, written in the style of rhymes or that of the meter, which actually differentiates a poem from that of the prose with the help of examples being, used. You can easily express through the poetry as to what is there in your mind and at the same time many of the poets write poems just because it is one of their hobbies and they love doing it. Poems have the power of using the creativity on its highest level along with the use of words that are, aligned in such fashion so that it can express ones sentiments. On the other hand, prose uses ordinary words without using any structure.
Poems are a very effective form of writing because they can be many on many different subjects. Subject based poems can be classified as life poems, inspirational poems, Christian poems and many other classifications. Poems can be found and written on the internet at many different websites.
You can find best friend poems, goodbye poems, short poems and more at poets and poem.
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