Kakadu National Park Tour
 From the Bungle Bungles of Western Australia to the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, or Kakadu National Park in the tropical north to Tasmania in the far south, the choice of the Australia Tour Package is immense. Take your pick from a wide selection of great places to visit, trips, and inspiring activities across the country or perhaps focus on a couple of states and really explore in depth. Australia holidays lead to adventure, activity and experiences wherever you travel to. Among the many magnificent natural assets that the Top End is endowed with are Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, and Katherine Gorge. Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage listed park located approximately 250km east of Darwin, and can be accessed via the Arnhem Highway from Darwin or the Kakadu Highway from Katherine. A return day trip from Darwin to Kakadu is possible, but in order to fully experience the magic of Kakadu a few days should be allowed. The name Kakadu, sometimes also spelt as Kakudju or Gagadju, is the name of the indigenous language spoken in the north western section of what is now Kakadu National Park. Kakadu Tours National Park is a large park of over 6000 square kilometres, and comprises several distinct sub-regions. The plateau subregion is a rugged sandstone formation which rises sharply to a height of 250 m from the lower lands to the north and creates some of the most spectacular scenery in the park. The escarpment extends for over 600 km and is the site of many major waterfalls and deep gorges. The lowlands subregion is a vast eroded plain with a numerous rocky outcrops to the north of the escarpment. The floodplain subregion lies to the north of the plateau and receives the full force of wet season monsoonal rains from November to March, when the region becomes a vast expanse of water. In the dry season the Kakadu floodplain is characterised by permanent billabongs. This area of Kakadu is famed for waterlilies and edible lotus lilies. The tidal flats subregion is a coastal salt water area characterised by mangroves and rainforest which can survive on sandy saline soils. Finally, Kakadu's southern hills subregion is located at the southern most point of the park where the headwaters of the South Alligator River run through stony woodland country.
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