Caricatures can be discourteous or complimentary

The notion of drawing caricatures has attracted people given that ancient instances. A sharp stone and a smooth crave wall was enough for the historical men to caricature things about them.
Caricatures can be discourteous or complimentary and can serve a political purpose or be drawn simply for entertainment. Caricatures of politicians are commonly used in editorial cartoons, whilst caricatures of movie stars are frequently seen in entertainment magazines.
The word is derived from the Italian caricare- to charge or load. So, the word "caricature" essentially means a "loaded portrait". Strictly speaking, the term refers merely to depictions of real-life people, and not to cartoon fabrications of fictional characters.
Anyone can draw a caricature, but only a real artist can transform a doodle into a work of art. No matter how the nose of a person is being drawn too big for his face, you can still recognize the person being depicted on the caricature. This, indeed, makes caricatures a lot more appealing than the usual portraits. It also makes drawing more fun.
In drawing a caricature the caricaturist can choose to either subtly mock or cruelly wound his subject. Drawing caricatures can simply be a form of entertainment and amusement - in which case gentle mockery is in order - or the art can be employed to make a significant social or political point.
Ever wanted wedding invitations unique to you and your partner? Then caricature invites are the way to go. They are fun, unusual and colourful but best of all no one else will share the same wedding invitations as you.
Why not think outside the box? Do you want to be shown walking hand in hand on a beach? Do you want to be sat in a horse drawn carriage? A caricaturist can depict you in any place, time, season, dress you would like. There are so many possibilities. Unlike a photo it is not restricted to the real world. I have even know couples who have wanted their favourite pets be depicted with them on their wedding invitations!
There are many caricaturists that will draw a caricature from a photo but some will also do them "live". Many can also be hired to attend at your wedding as entertainment, this can be great fun for both adults and children alike. Most caricaturists will attend for at least two hours but can also be hired for longer. They will perform "on the spot" caricatures quickly in pencil which your guests can keep as a reminder of the day. Often the bride and groom will receive a more detailed caricature of themselves after the wedding. This could be used on the thank you cards which are sent to your guests.
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