A big list of tour and travel destinations in Goa
 Goa state has big list of tour and travel destinations; which includes wildlife sanctuaries, fifteenth century old churches, old temples, world famous beaches, waterfalls and local villages. Goa state also is famous for its wildlife centuries which are Cotigao wildlife sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary and Bondla wildlife sanctuary. The large Goa State Museum is crammed full of visual treats. Two of the most popular exhibits here are the ornately carved table used in the Goa Inquisition and a pair of antique rotary lottery machines. No less interesting are the Hindu and Jain sculptures, paintings from almost all parts of India, and Christian art. Nature enthusiasts should check out the wildlife conservation gallery here. Mostly people come to Goa to spend their spar time and enjoy their life. Because was part of Portuguese country territory from 1510 to 1961. So Goa has biggest effected of western cultural. Mostly People come to Goa to visit its beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, old forts and churches etc. Goa most famous tour destinations are Palolem beach, Dona Paula beach, Old Goa churches, Ponda taluka temple and Dudh Sagar Waterfall etc. So, next time when you plan a holiday in Goa State and would like to opt for a cheap holiday package in Goa, please get in touch with us. We offer customized holiday packages for Goa at the most cost-effective prices and put in every effort to make your trip a life time experience.
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