Green Block Lunch Box gift

2012 is well under way and there are 12 whole months of birthdays on the calendar. If like me, you have large families which mean that every month brings at least 3 or 4 birthdays, then the total cost of forking out for birthday gifts can run into hundreds of pounds. Yet you don't want to be reduced to buying cheap gifts from your local pound shop, so what can you do to reduce your birthday budget yet still present friends and family with thoughtful and meaningful birthday gifts?
Ever wish you had a list of the perfect presents for that special someone and save hours of shopping time? Most of us do, as finding special gifts that leave an impression normally seems like a task that is impossible. There are some very unique presents on the market and below the great Urbanities Ideas will definitely help to save time and help you to purchase that perfect gift for that special someone.
Green Block Lunch Box (with Elastic Strap)
The very unique Block lunch boxes in bright colours with two straps. You can veen stack them like Lego blocks if you get more than one. Each lunch box is two-tier and perfect for office or school lunches. Great for those that like quirky kitchen stuff!
Lego bento box is available uniquely on Urbanities in four colours - Yellow, Blue, Green or Red.
Each lunch box is made from food grade materials and can withstand temperatures of -20C to +140C. So you can use these for very hot foods perfect for picnics, office or school lunches.
Who is the Block Lunch Box suitable for? School kids, office workers or anyone who likes cute and quirky kitchenwear.
The lunchbox includes two elastic straps one of which is a Block Style strap (looks just like the lunch box itself!).
The lunchbox is 16cm by 8cm by 8cm in size and is composed of two tiers so you can keep different foods separate.
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