Murano has left a legacy of elegance and splendour for the world

Murano glass necklaces never go out of fashion. They are so colorful, whimsical and airy that they work with any fashion, fit any taste and go with any outfit.
A simple Murano glass necklace can transform the plainest little black dress into a high fashion. Murano glass necklaces can be worn with fur and cashmere or with ripped jeans and sneakers. And what is even more interesting, the same passion for Murano necklaces existed for the last five centuries.
Glass necklaces from Murano are made in thousands of shapes, in the infinite combination of beads, gold and silver, each unique and perfect. Each bead is a piece of art in itself, made by blowing drops of glass to create delicate colorful or transparent orbs, often imbedded with speckles of gold or silver. Some beads are large, with swirls of colors or layers of texture. Others are tiny and delicate, soft and smooth, strung together like a waterfall of colorful light. There are chokers, made of a string of tiny seed beads, with one large, outstanding piece of glass. Others are whimsical, eccentric combination of beads of different colors, shapes and sizes.
Today, the residents of Murano carry on the philosophy of chandelier and pendant light-making by honouring the tradition in their art-form while weaving new ideas in order to achieve the finest product. This type of pendant lighting is ethereal and evokes great joy. It is awe-inspiring to look upon a the craftsmanship of a chandelier and to realize the history and the innovation that it represents.
A Murano glass vase can serve many purposes such as putting flower in the vase, it can also act as a showpiece in your showcase or you can display it in several other ways. Many people have the habit of collecting Murano glass vases as they are an extremely interesting and original. The origin of Murano glass vases is since seven hundred years and they symbolize one of the most precious gifts of the Italian people. Thus a vase like the Murano glass vase can alone change the looks and decor of the room by adding a class and elegance to the room.
Glass jewelry is also an ideal gift for any special person in your life! Everyone can identify the quality and uniqueness of these glass adornments, and will recognize the fine workmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry.
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